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Gabin : B1P1

Salut les amis !

Aujourd’hui je vous présente une planche de gags . Les deux premiers sont trouvés sur (juste le texte) .

Je dessine d’abord sur papier puis je colorie a la tablette graphique .

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Hi friends!

Today I present to you a board gags. The first two are found (just the text).

I draw on paper first and then I color a graphics tablet.

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On graphic tablet

On graphic tablet




Case 1 :

Gabin : I’m home!

Mother : Gabin, when will you give us your report card?

Case 2:

Gabin : The school has stopped giving newsletters, Mom. They say it kills trees.

Case 3 :

Gabin: I’m not hungry anymore.

Case 4:

Mother : If you want to become big and strong like Daddy, you have to finish your plate!

Case 5:

Gabin: But mom, dad is just fat!

Case 6:

Professor : Oh, here is ? You fourties minutes late. What’s your excuse?

Case 7:

Gabin : I’ve missed my bus !

Fugitive : Try to kill me to see !

Salut a tous !

Aujourd’hui, je vous présente mon 2e jeu : Fugitive, ou Fugitif .

Le concept du jeu est simple : attraper l’autre .

Une partie

Une partie


Le jeu se joue à deux sur un seul clavier .

Les touches du Player 1 :

7 8 9

4   6

1 2 3

En gros, la croix et les diagonales .

Les touches du Player 2 :


q    s


La même chose sans les diagonales, car il va deux fois plus vite .

Le player 2 attrape le player 1 . Il faut se placer pile dessus.

Un fois ceci fait, le player 1 à perdu et le jeu se termine .

Pour éviter les bugs, il ne faut pas rester enfoncé sur une touche, mais la mitrailler , car on ne peux pas appuyer simultanément sur deux touches du clavier .

Bon jeu !

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Le lien :


Hi to all!

Today, this is my second game: Fugitive or Fugitive.

The game concept is simple: grab the other.


A game

A game

The game is played by two players on one keyboard.

Player 1 keys:

7 8 9

4   6

1 2 3

Basically, the cross and diagonal.

Player 2 keys:


q   s


The same without the diagonal, because it goes twice as fast.

The player catches the 2 player 1. It must be put on battery.

Once this is done, the player 1 and lost the game ends.

To avoid bugs, do not stay pressed a button, but the strafing, because you can not simultaneously press two keys.

Good game!

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Passage of the site in French

Hello .

As the title tells you, the site goes into French.
Don’t worry, it’s only translated.
The English version is still there!

I pass in french for easy reading by my friends, because yes, I’m french :p

To see the arcticle in English, scroll to the bottom of it.

Bye !