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Inoed 1.3 | Customize Update – First view

A inoed video .

What’s new on 1.3 ?

Some new blocks .
You can now add custom blocks (tutorial coming soon)
New skins
New files organisation
New controls : C to view them .

Inoed 1.2

Hey ! Inoed 1.2 is out !

Changelog :

  • New blocks : glass, dirt, grass
  • New textures !
  • You can now place blocks with mouse . Click to select mouse for place, p to select player . Move blocks with right click .


In the next version, i’ll surely add automatic extract in the launcher .


Bye !

Download here

Inoed 1.1 : New launcher !

Hi guys !

This evenning I post the version 1.1 of Inoed and his new launcher !


For the game, I just added  :

  • You can now remove the blocks with r
  • Save with S
  • Load with L
  • Switch blocks with 0,1 and 2 .
  • I’m going to add a block’s indicator and the possibility of place blocks with mouse .

Download the new launcher here .


Hey !

I’m coding on a new game : Inoed !

He’s actually at the 1.0 version .


You can play to it at

Bye !

[XNA] Alone in Space vAlpha 1.0

Hey ! Here’s a video about my new project, alone in space . It’s made in .Net and XNA . It will be a multiplayer shooter in space, with the physics (it’s visible in the video.) . It’s only a demo for the moment, so be indulgent, and I’ve only 12 yo :) . You can go see my blog too, at . My twitter (i’m french) at @ArthurL44. Contact me at or at arthur.l44 on skype . So, please subscribe, share and comment .   Contact me for the code. Download : coming soon And .. Sorry for my bad english . Bye ! 

Presentation of Defortesia FR/EN

Salut à tous ! Aujourd’hui on se retrouve pour la présentation d’un projet que j’ai commencé il y a peu : Defortesia .

C’est un role-play-game fait en .net xna .

Le jeu sera, je pense, assez libre : il disposera de quêtes mais laissera la possibilité de se balader dans la ville. Le jeu se fera en milieu urbain, à notre époque.


J’en suis pour l’instant à la alpha 2 , avec 2 quêtes et les fondamentaux .


Bon, voila, c’était juste pour faire une introduction aux articles qui vont suivre. Bye !


Hi to all! Today we find ourselves in the presentation of a project I started there was little: Defortesia.

It is a role-play game is .net and xna.

The game will be, I think, quite free: it will have quests but let the opportunity to walk around the city. The game will be urban in our time.

I am yet to alpha 2, with 2 quests and fundamentals.

Well, now, it was just an introduction to the articles that follow. Bye!


Spritesheet patern

Hi !

This article is just for give you a basic spritesheet patern.



You can create for free your own spritesheets on .

Go, it’s great !


Bye !

PixDead |beta 1.6 + download

Hi guys !


In this article, I’ll present you PixDead version beta 1.6 .


Changelog :

- There is now an installer available !!

- Now, your bullet stops when it hits a zombie and does not kill all those behind.

- Now upgrade your weapon costs 200 and pack life costs: 400

- There are lots of new content: several new swat and the side view!


download link :

PixDead version beta 1.4 + download


Today we find ourselves in the BETA 1.4 release PixDead (PixDead is the new name of CZS)

Let immediately additions:

- Now you can fire with holding mouse’s left button.
- Now you can also move using the « z, q, s, d »
- The background’s now scrolling

Feel free to share this blog and this game!

Download at:


Cal’s Zombie Survivor |version beta 1.3 + download

Hi !!


In this article we find the changelog for the beta version 1.3 of CZS, with some handy additions!


- Added shop: H Vour that you can buy.
- Added money
- Added pause: Press P
- Adding a text file containing scores, « scores.txt »

Well, hopefully you like this game, I say goodbye to you for an upcoming article!


Download at :