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PixDead |beta 1.6 + download

Hi guys !


In this article, I’ll present you PixDead version beta 1.6 .


Changelog :

- There is now an installer available !!

- Now, your bullet stops when it hits a zombie and does not kill all those behind.

- Now upgrade your weapon costs 200 and pack life costs: 400

- There are lots of new content: several new swat and the side view!


download link :

PixDead version beta 1.4 + download


Today we find ourselves in the BETA 1.4 release PixDead (PixDead is the new name of CZS)

Let immediately additions:

- Now you can fire with holding mouse’s left button.
- Now you can also move using the « z, q, s, d »
- The background’s now scrolling

Feel free to share this blog and this game!

Download at:


Cal’s Zombie Survivor |version beta 1.3 + download

Hi !!


In this article we find the changelog for the beta version 1.3 of CZS, with some handy additions!


- Added shop: H Vour that you can buy.
- Added money
- Added pause: Press P
- Adding a text file containing scores, « scores.txt »

Well, hopefully you like this game, I say goodbye to you for an upcoming article!


Download at :

Cal’s Zombie Survivor |Version beta 1.0 + download


In this article we are left to the publication and the changelog of the game « Cal’s Zombie Survivor 1.0 beta. »

So since the last release (), I added a ton of things!

Now, zombies no longer meet in one single and they respawn randomly! Which requires that the number of zombies increases, and your life.

Feel free to share this game (and this blog), it will encourage me to do everything full of upd. The game will surely soon on android and perhaps Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7.

Video of the version

Download link:

Cal’s Zombie Survivor | version alpha 0.5 overview

Hi! Today we found for pictures of my new game, « Cal’s Zombie Survivor. »
This is a game made in VB.NET XNA (as usual, D).

It’s a zombie game, where the goal is to survive as possible waves, as the title indicates.

Come on, I throw the video!


CZS v alpha 0.5 overview


The link is not here because of the bugs. To become a tester of this game, send me an email to arthur.labalec @ gmail.Com or leave a comment.