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Gabin : B1P1

Salut les amis !

Aujourd’hui je vous présente une planche de gags . Les deux premiers sont trouvés sur (juste le texte) .

Je dessine d’abord sur papier puis je colorie a la tablette graphique .

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Hi friends!

Today I present to you a board gags. The first two are found (just the text).

I draw on paper first and then I color a graphics tablet.

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On graphic tablet

On graphic tablet




Case 1 :

Gabin : I’m home!

Mother : Gabin, when will you give us your report card?

Case 2:

Gabin : The school has stopped giving newsletters, Mom. They say it kills trees.

Case 3 :

Gabin: I’m not hungry anymore.

Case 4:

Mother : If you want to become big and strong like Daddy, you have to finish your plate!

Case 5:

Gabin: But mom, dad is just fat!

Case 6:

Professor : Oh, here is ? You fourties minutes late. What’s your excuse?

Case 7:

Gabin : I’ve missed my bus !