~ Inoed ~

~ About Game ~

Hey, welcome on the Inoed page !

Inoed is a game about building .

You can build all your ideas .

Follow the developpement here


~ About developper ~

The game is developped in VB.NET using XNA 4.0, so you need this ones . All is in the installer.


My name is Arthur « Cal_ » L, I’m 12 and I live in french.

You can contact me with all this ones :

@ArthurL44 on twitter


arthur.l44 on skype


~ How to play to the game ~

Do the following instructions :


Download the launcher at : http://labalec.fr/arthur/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/InoedLauncher.zip


Create a folder named Inoed . Paste the launcher in that .

Execute the launcher and click on the download button .

Enter your Inoed folder’s path and click on download .

Go in your Inoed folder and extract « Inoed_InstallPack.zip »

Execute the 2 installers (xna and dotnet) and install .

The actual version is old . So do the update .

Click on the update button.

Enter the Inoed folder’s path and click on update.

Extract  »Inoed_UpdatePack.zip »

Play !


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