Août 162020

In previous articles, we have seen that hashed passwords are as good as clear text passwords.

Thus, sometimes, it is nice to retrieve passwords at once in clear text.
Under windows, you can register a network provider which will be called every time a user logs on.
And the beauty of it is that it the credential manager will pass on the username and password in clear text.
Of course, you need to be a local admin to do so : we not talking escalation here but pivoting/lateral movement.

You need to implement 2 functions in your dll, nicely documented by Microsoft here and here.

Once done, you can do pretty much what you want with the data.

I am providing an example here (source code and binary) which will log to a text file the username/password.
setup.cmd will register the dll for you : no reboot needed – next logon will be logged.