Août 262014

UEFI is more and more common on new computers.

It was time for an update within QuickPE to support UEFI.


Once you have generated your Windows X64 UEFI compliant iso, I suggest using Rufus to burn it to a USB key.
Make sure to select GPT for UEFI as partition type and FAT32 as filesystem or else you’ll be booting in BIOS mode.

Août 012014

In a previous article, I showed how to setup a « proxy » for ImDisk thru devio to mount an EWF file.

This time, lets do it with a QCOW file (using external libyal library).

The command lines for the proxy and ImDisk are below :

devio --dll=proxy.dll;dllopen shm:test_proxy c:\test.qcow
imdisk -a -t proxy -o shm -o ro -f test_proxy -m Z:

Find the proxy here : PROXY_QCOW .