Sep 062013

needed :
tiny pxe server

1/open ubuntu.iso in winrar or 7zip (or any other iso reading capable tool).
extract casper folder to x:\pxe\iso\ubuntu.13.04 (or any path that suit you)

2/launch winnfsd with the following :
winnfsd.exe -id 0 0 x:\pxe\iso\ubuntu.13.04
note : adapt the above path with your own path

3/use the below ipxe script :

set boot-url http://${dhcp-server}
kernel ${boot-url}/ISO/ubuntu.13.04/casper/vmlinuz root=/dev/nfs boot=casper netboot=nfs nfsroot=${dhcp-server}:/x/ISO/ubuntu.13.04 ip=dhcp ro
initrd ${boot-url}/ISO/ubuntu.13.04/casper/initrd.lz

note : adapt /x/pxe/ISO/ubuntu.13.04 to your own path.
name it ubuntu.ipxe and put it in x:\pxe

4/put ipxe-undionly.kpxe in x:\pxe

5/launch tiny pxe server with the following settings (leave other settings untouched) :
tick « httpd »
boot filename = ipxe-undionly.kpxe (use the browse files and folders « … » button)
tick « filename if user-class=gPXE or iPXE » = http://${dhcp-server}/ubuntu.ipxe
push the online button

6/pxe boot your computer and here we go

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Sep 012013

Latest version now support ProxyDHCP features.

In short :

TinyPXE Server can now co exist « peacefully » with another dhcp server on the same LAN.
No more race conditions where first one (dhcp server) to answer wins the lease.

With ProxyDHCP option enable, TinyPXE Server will now « only » provide the boot file name information (and only to proxydhcp clients) : the client will then use/combine the dhcp offers from both servers (lease+boot file name).

Tested with success with the following boot straps : ipxe , gpxe , pxelinux , startrom.0 , …

Discuss it here at

More info around PXE here.



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