Mar 092014

Today, something easy : lets use a SD Card Reader with our arduino.

Can be useful for instance when you want to log datas such as temperatures or any other sensor.

I use this component from DS : SD Card Slot Socket Reader.

First the wiring : standard SPI (SCK/MOSI/MISO/CS).


Then some arduino skeches taken from the Arduino examples (note that I use CS=10 with my arduino uno, adapt if needed) :

Retrieve basic infos from your SD card and list files
Read and Write to a file (test.txt)
Dump the content from a file (test.txt)

That was it : quick and easy !

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Mar 012014

The excellent Rufus software got updated to version 1.4.4.

  • Add uncompressed Disk Image support (FreeBSD, FreeNAS, etc.) (NEW)
  • Add right-to-left language support (NEW)
  • Add an alert when multiple partitions are about to be erased (NEW)
  • Add (unofficial) NTFS Compression support (NEW)
  • Add Finnish translation, courtesy of Riku Brander
  • Ignore failure on ISO autorun.inf creation, to keep dumb security applications happy
  • Improve hotplug detection
  • Improve Syslinux v5+ support (requires an internet connection to download extra files)
  • Fix support for latest gparted, ArchLinux, and other Syslinux v5+ based ISOs
  • Fix detection for Toshiba drives (again)
  • Fix UDF Unicode support
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Mar 012014

I got myself a cheap nokia 5110 lcd screen at

Lets see how easy it is to use with an arduino.

First lets get an arduino library here. (put it in your arduino libraries folder).

Then lets have a look at the wiring :

nokia 5110_bb

And now the arduino code (rename txt to ino or pde) : nokia5110_v5

And last, an ugly pic (dont look at soldering points…) :


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