Avr 072014

Latest changelog

fixed : should detect if a socket is already in use
fixed : messages sent from threads would not always reach the memo box
added : will execute an executable/batch if cmd parameter is present in config.ini
fixed : httpd will handle both non keep-alive (default) and keep-alive http requests
fixed : would create crashes (under certain conditions) if the root path was incorrect
fixed : would not start tftpd if not set in config.ini
added : support for dhcp-relay (Thanks to Stefan Smet)

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Nice work, really…

I have a question… Would be possible to make TinyPXE support Nics.txt for BINL driver request again? While your parser is really good, and can handle almost all the INF files, there are some « malformed » INFs like the ones that come with some Broadcom Nics, that your parser can’t handle correctly, because them use non-standard INF features, or use variables to refer paths, etc… Also, is nice to have a way to fine-tune which driver will be loaded by just specifing the pci id and the driver name in the old good NICs.txt.


Hi! I’ve been testing your awesome tinyPXE server (great job btw). Could it be possible to implement in the config.INI file the extra parameters « Boot File Name » and « Option 252″ for BINL/WDS ? In that way we could autostart it without human interaction as a WDS alternative …

Keep up the good work!!

Best regards,



Any news about the TinyPXE INF parsing problem?