Oct 282023

On both hosts:

Install GPG (download from here)

Generate a key pair : gpg –gen-key

List your public keys : gpg –list-keys (optional)

List your secret/private keys : gpg –list-secret-keys (optional)

On the host encrypting (aka the source):

Import your target key (i.e from the host that will decrypt) : gpg –import target.key

Ensure that you have the public key of the target in your trust store : gpg –list-keys

Encrypt your file with the target public key : gpg -e -r target message.txt (or gpg –always-trust -e -r target message.txt if you dont want to be bothered by the public key not being trusted)

note : more details here about user interaction.

On the host decrypting (aka the target):

Export your public key : gpg –export > target.key (to be shared with the source host encrypting)

Decrypt the file with the secret/private key : gpg message.txt.gpg