Déc 282017

MkIso will create an ISO from a source folder.

Supports multi-boot iso : x86 and EFI.
Supports isolinux (checksum will be taken care of).
Tested successfully with Grub4Dos.

Mkiso is native (no external dependencies), standalone, built in on windows builtin imapi2.

MkIso is also part of CloneDisk.

Questions, feedback, requests welcome.



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Mar 022015

A very simple GUI for the mkisofs command line utility (from cdrtools) to create a bootable iso.

-Choose your source folder
-Choose your bootsector
-Choose you target iso file

Supports EFI as well.

The zip file contains grub4dos (0.4.6) and isolinux (6.0.3) bootloaders with example menus.

Download/discuss it here