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Purpose :
There are not so many tools out there to draw layer 2 network maps.

Most of them are either linked to a specific hardware vendor (3com, cisco, etc) or expansive.

Idea here is to propose a freeware to draw a layer 2 topology network map using informations found in switches.

Prerequisites :
You LAN switches must be :
-managed & layer 2
-snmp enabled with a known read-only snmp community

3 main steps :
-Tab 1 : Prepare list of snmp devices : scan network or manually edit it.

-Tab 2 : Collect datas from the snmp devices.

-Tab 3 : Build network topology using Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) or Cisco Device Protocol (CDP), and Forwarding Tables (bridges) using the direct connection theorem, and output a network map using graphviz.

After step 3, you can add devices in step 1 (dont forget to save then) and re start from step 3 or from step 2.

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This software is for personal use only and cannot be distributed for business purposes.

If you find this program useful please consider to make a donation to my PayPal account using the link in the upper screen. The money I receive this way goes towards my ongoing web hosting fees and other costs that I incur by making the programs on this site available to you free of charge.

Here below some screenshots of the tool.

3 Steps : Prepare Devices, Collect Datas, Build Network Topology (and make a visual graph / network map)

Step 1


Step 2





Step 3


See below for a gallery of maps generated by NetDiscovery (same network, different layout).

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