Mai 072014

Changes since last changelog :

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added : change diskid in partition editor
changed : increased buffersize from 64k to 512k to speed backuping process
changed : will write win8.1u1 mbr and bs (compatible with all previous windows NT)
added : md5 hash for file
added : hide_advanced boolean param in config.ini (options section)
added : screenshot
added : can remove an outlookbar button or page via the config.ini (outlookbar section)
added : can inject any MBR boot code
modified : changed all desktopcenter to screencenter
added : patch bytespersec / sectorsperclus / secreserved in boot sector
changed : bootsector patches for MSDOS5.0 (fat/fat32) as well (was only for oemid=NTFS)
changed : renamed offlinereg unit to uofflinereg
changed : changed window size to 640*480
changed : pagecontrol3 for more space in main screen
changed : disk/partition properties rewiewed (no access to mbr/bs anymore, all windows api)
added : disk/part properties in a separate window
changed : tabsheet4 removed (disk/part properties)
added : double click on the main listview will also display the disk/part properties window
changed : tabsheet8 removed
added : change diskid in mbr tab




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