Sep 072014

Latest Tiny PXE Server now handles the client system architecture (BIOS, UEFI x32, UEFI x64, etc …).

This allows one to provide the right boot filename based on the client architecture.

Below Tiny PXE Server will send pxeboot.n12 as boot filename (which will chain to bootmgr) and will indicate 00000\bcd as BCD file in BIOS mode.
If UEFI x64 (00007) is detected, and [arch] section filled in the config.ini, it will send bootx64.efi as boot filename and will indicate 00007\bcd as BCD.

See the [arch] section in the config.ini


Tiny PXE Server

Discuss it here.

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sorry but this version 18 does not work at all. basic pxe boot failed.

full of log like this:
Access violation at address 004C37F7 in module ‘pxesrv.exe’. Read of address 00000008


Access violation now. but still failed when using EFI vmware bios 10:33:28 ROOT=D:\ 10:33:28 DHCPd:67 started… 10:33:28 TFPTd started… 10:33:32 DHCPd:DISCOVER received, MAC:00-0C-29-C9-9A-28, XID:2AC99A28 10:33:32 DHCPd:OFFER sent, IP:, XID:2AC99A28 10:33:34 DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:00-0C-29-C9-9A-28, XID:2AC99A28 10:33:34 DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:2AC99A28 10:33:34 TFTPd:DoReadFile:ipxe.pxe B:1456 T:0 this boot is OK vmware efi 10:34:44 ROOT=D:\ 10:34:44 DHCPd:67 started… 10:34:44 TFPTd started… 10:34:50 DHCPd:DISCOVER received, MAC:00-0C-29-01-9D-1F, XID:A3A4CA83 10:34:51 DHCPd:OFFER sent, IP:, XID:A3A4CA83 10:34:54 DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:00-0C-29-01-9D-1F, XID:A3A4CA83 10:34:54 DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:A3A4CA83 no TFTP DoReadFile here. strange. boot failed. [5592] end [5592] start [5780] LoadTPDLL [5592] analysedata67:start, fromip=, fromport:68 [5592] analysedata67: status:1 [5592] send_dhcpoffer:start [5592]… Lire la suite »


now from log it’s clear that arch detection is correct, but thers’s something wrong WITH tftp downloading.

9:39:43 ROOT=files\
9:39:43 DHCPd:67 started…
9:39:43 TFPTd started…
9:39:55 DHCPd:DISCOVER received, MAC:00-0C-29-01-9D-1F, XID:5D30E337
9:39:55 DHCPd:OFFER sent, IP:, XID:5D30E337
9:39:58 DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:00-0C-29-01-9D-1F, XID:5D30E337
9:39:59 DHCPd:Arch=00007
9:39:59 DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:5D30E337
no more log

Boot using UEFI failed. no tftp downloading.
VMWARE showed this: PXE-E99 Unexpected network error.

9:40:22 DHCPd:DISCOVER received, MAC:00-0C-29-C9-9A-28, XID:2AC99A28
9:40:22 DHCPd:OFFER sent, IP:, XID:2AC99A28
9:40:24 DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:00-0C-29-C9-9A-28, XID:2AC99A28
9:40:24 DHCPd:Arch=00000
9:40:24 DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:2AC99A28
9:40:24 TFTPd:DoReadFile:ipxe.pxe B:1456 T:0
9:40:24 TFTPd:TransferComplete=True (
9:40:29 DHCPd:DISCOVER received, MAC:00-0C-29-C9-9A-28, XID:2060C579
9:40:29 DHCPd:iPXE user-class detected
9:40:29 DHCPd:OFFER sent, IP:, XID:2060C579

this shows BIOS vmware boots OK




First off for some reason i cannot create a account so forgive me for posting this here as i had this working for a week and then boom it just started stopping after loading menu.ipxe and just sits there ive looked it up and cannot find the same thing found things close just not exact, anyway i love the ease of use in setup and use when it was working. So im trying to boot http with menu.ipxe i followed your quick tutorial at but as i said it now it just stops at that certain point. Im… Lire la suite »


Sorry my bad, mistype in email its 6900 not 5900


Im still quite a n00b to ipxe, but i have removed the double filename and all extra spaces after the # and added ; to all commented out lines after comparing it to the config.sample from the original file, also I copied and pasted from the old menu.ipxe file its contents and tighted it up after finding spaces in places they should not be and pasted it into a new good working ipxe file, but still had issues so it looks like after creating a new menu.ipxe it seems to be working, yay, so thanks for pointing me in… Lire la suite »


I have mixed feelings; I appreciate your effort but your software ends up creating lot of frustration.
Please do not take my comment as an attack; it just pretend to be an honest feedback

The problems are many; Acces violations, Configuration inconsistencies, cumbersome interface, missing DHCP options, lack of docummentation, no HTTP server, no FTP server, highly unreliable NFS Server.

I run Tiny PXE under windows 7 64 bits, your software is only distributed as a 32 Bit exe, I do not know if this creates some of the described problems (Access Violation). Thanks Z