Mai 122019

Clonedisk can now create Microsoft Virtual Hard Disks with different sector sizes (logical and physical).

Furthermore, while creating a new VHD, Clonedisk can also create the partition on the fly.

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  1. Thanks for adding this, usually I use VirtualBox to make VHDs but CloneDisk is a much better choice for being portable.
    I have a question; would it be possible to run CloneDisk on Windows 2000? It already runs on XP, but for some reason refuses to run on 2000.

    • What error message do you get?
      I might be able to fix it.
      Or else I need to find an old ISO of windows 2000 🙂

      • I get this error:
        The procedure entry point GetVolumePathNamesForVolumeNameA could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll.
        If you want a Windows 2000 ISO there are plenty here:
        Thanks for looking into this

        • Ok i see what it is.
          I have introduced a slight change which should now enable clonedisk on W2k.
          Thus, I have not tested (ever) clonedisk on W2k nor did i (ever) developped the software for w2k in the first place so I am not sure of the results.
          If you find more issues, I might be able to tune it a bit more but no guarantees there 🙂

          I initially started clonedisk on XP i.e MS Kernel 5.1.
          Windows 2000 is kernel 5.0 so not that far away (from xp) but still a previous kernel…

  2. Hi, can clonedisk be run from the command line, so can be included in scripts.?

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