Mai 132014

Libewf is a library to access the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF). Read more here.
Also, read more about the Encase image file format here.

Lately I took interest into the EWF file format for my CloneDisk software.
I found a delphi unit implementing read only access to EWF files but it was (out)dated from 2010 using deprecated funtions.
I therefore decided to refresh (rewrite) it so that it uses the latest functions from the version 2 library and I also implemented a couple of extra functions like write, set header, set compression, etc.

EWF support for CloneDisk has the following benefits for now :
-the compression (at the expense of speed thus)
-it can be mounted later on
-it can be browsed later on

Later on, I could see other benefits :
-headers / metadatas such as author, os name, os build, description, etc
-multi threading (to get more speed)

Found the delphi project (sourcecode v1) here libewf.

Updated version (v2 / will work with delphi xe5 and 32/64 bits) : libewf.