Oct 182014

In previous article, I made a cheap temperature probe using an arduino pro mini.

Still, the arduino pro mini is a bit overkill and i would like to keep it for prototyping my projects, not on « live » projects.

So lets have a look at the attiny85 :
-it is cheap (1€ a piece)
-runs at 8mhz
-has 8k programmable memory
-has very low power consumption

Sounds perfect for my needs !

Lets have a look at the pinout.


To flash this baby, I decided to use my arduino uno r3.
See below a quick how to.

1- unzip attiny under Documents\Arduino\hardware (you should end up with a folder attiny in there)
2- start the arduino ide and upload the arduinoisp sketch (in the arduino examples) to your « arduino uno r3 » board
3- choose « arduino as isp » under tools\programmer menu
4- choose « attiny85 (8mhz) » under tools\board
5- upload your sketch onto the attiny85

Lets see how to wire our attiny85 to your arduino.


In a next article, we will see how to adapt this article for attiny85.

Hint : if you are getting the error « relocation truncated to fit », have a look here (and see to replace your ld.exe).

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