Déc 242014

In a previous article, I have use an attiny85 + ds18b20 + rf433 to built a cheap temperature probe.

This time, I needed the humidity next to the temperature.
I then decided to use a dht11 (you can get it starting at 1.50€ on ebay).
Total cost is below 4€.

Here below the wiring.


Here rf433_sendOOK_at85_dht11 the arduino sketch (rename the txt file to ino).
You will also need this dht11 library.

Here some pictures. Notice that i used an old (but still good for my purpose) smartphone 3.7v battery.




  11 Responses to “Arduino : dht11 + attiny85 + rf433”

  1. Hi Erwan,

    Your project is looking great. I’ll try to replicate later.
    Got 1 question, what is the power consumption?

  2. Hello,
    thank you for the job.
    I’am a newbie in arduino.What librairie used for this project?

    • Hi,

      I see this article is being discussed in french here 🙂
      I have updated my article with a link to dhtlib.

      I have read your post on easydomoticz.
      Hint : if you are getting the error « relocation truncated to fit », have a look here (and see to replace your ld.exe).

  3. Hello and thank you it’s works.
    In order to make the DHT22 work, would it be enought to replace DHT11 by DHT22 in the code?
    If so, is there a library for the DHT22 that are attiny85 compatible?

  4. Looks good. I have made something similar with Manchester code, simply coz I do not know the Oregon protocol that well: https://arduinodiy.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/sending-sensor-data-wireless-433mhz-with-an-attiny85-or-attiny-45-with-manchestercode/
    Might be worth though to check out yr Oregon code. Always good to learn something new.

    • nice !
      thanks for sharing.

      i am bit disappointed thus myself by the dht11 : not accurate enough.
      i went back to a dallas chip.

  5. Bonjour Erwan,
    Je viens de regarder de près le tuto très intéressant.
    J’ai essayé de le faire avec une sonde DHT22 mais je n’ai pas reussi. (j’ai bien récupéré la librairie pour la dht22).
    Y a t-il une version de l’ide a respecter ? ou autre ??


  6. Brilliant. I agree with the use of the phone batteries. I have quite a few taken from friend’s phones who met an untimely death but left a perfectly working battery behind. Also excellent project overall.

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