Mar 082015

In the previous article, I started to look for a way to build an infrared receiver based on an Arduino.
So far no luck…

So I decided to take another approach : plug my infrared TSOP component directly tot he Raspberry GPIO.
See the wiring below.


Here below the steps required to settled a remote (any will do) with my receiver :

1-Add the following to config.txt dtoverlay=lirc-rpi

2-stop lirc daemon to be able to record codes in step 3 killall lircd

3-record your remote control codes with : irrecord /storage/.config/lircd.conf
tip here : your enter button should be key_ok and your back button should be key_exit in last openelec version (5.x)

4-check that your system detects your buttons press : irw
if yes, then you are good to go : Reboot and enjoy !

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