DĂ©c 292017

modified : rewritten _enum_drives_lv to enumerate thru volumes not drive letters (x32)
modified : selected.caption replaced with inttostr(integer(lvdisks.Selected.data)) (x32)
modified : renamed convert to vmdk/vhd to create vmdk file descriptor
modified : added raw to vhd in disk conversion
modified : GetVolumeNameForVolumeMountPoint moved to udiskmgmt
todo : move md5 hash to disk image
added : if pos(‘:\’,path)>0 then exit; in prep_src & prep_dst
added : backup/restore in mbr editor (x32)
modified : backup will now suggest a proper filename (x32)
modified : set disk ro and rw will go offline/online if disk is online (x32)
modified : VDI2RAW,vmdk2raw,vhd2raw,restore_devio,backup_devio,EWF2Drive,Drive2EWF moved to new uconvert unit (x32)
modified : createfile_devio,getfilesize_deviowrite_devio,prep_src,prep_dst,_lockdismount_vol,_unlock_vol moved to new uconvert unit (x32)
modified : vdi,LibVMDK,libVHDI,LibEWFUnit,wsck removed from umain (x32)
removed : privilege, ntdll, fmifs units
modified : GetDriveParams moved udiskmgt
removed : int13ext unit
modified : uformat renamed to ufrmformat
fixed : result set to 0 in lib._GetDosDrives
modified : Drive2RAW,RAW2Drive moved to uconvert unit (x32)
added : mode 0 in lib._EnumerateDosDevices to list all devices
added : list volume shadow copy volumes in volumes
added : add dos device in volumes
modified : renamed createvhd to umsvirtdisk
modified : renamed main to ufrmMain
modified : replaced custom wsck unit with delphi winsock unit
midified : libewf_SetCompressionValues uses LIBEWF_COMPRESS_FLAG_USE_EMPTY_BLOCK_COMPRESSION (x32)
modified : ufrvolume, definedosdevice will try DDD_RAW_TARGET_PATH and 0 (x32)
modified : drive2raw will display the offset if reafile fails (x32)
modified : xxx2RAW will propose to delete target file (x32)
todo : consider 1mB instead of 65kB for memsize in xxx2RAW functions
added : backup/restore from popup menu (x32)
added : checkbox in disk/part/disk&part popupmenu (x32)
added : offline/online after create partition (x32)
added : refresh after format (modal form) (x32)
added : try/catch in wim_logmessage
added : makeiso improvements around boot files
added : extend volume will propose the closest max size possible

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  10 Responses to “CloneDisk 2.3.7 changelog”

  1. Such poesy 🙂

  2. does not seem to run here on Win10 🙁

    • what error do you get?
      have you run the exe as local admin?

      • it just won’t start, not as admin not when whitelisting clonedisk.exe in Bitdefender 🙁

        previous versions did work however, is there any way to debug more?

        • It seems te 32bit version is working, so I’ll stick to that.

          Thanks for this great piece of software!

        • latest version (SHA256: ef864c5b54fd9f4b2727650f5f9c605c88ecfcd0a0961738f5aaf04c28b48393) gets a virtual total score of 0 (that includes bitdefender).
          so not sure why your bitdefender goes nutz.

          • Hi just came to such need to use your Programme, there is a big annoyance in GUI, frames are so off the place that it is hard to operate graphical interface.
            Grats for good and very useful soft, please check it I operate in HD screen and a bit afraid to click something wrong 🙁

          • Hi,

            Are you able to post a screenshot so that I can fully understand the issue?


          • how can I upload this screens? btw: the 64-bit version is not discovering any disks on my system
            can I use SHU?

          • uhm, not sure my wordpress supports pic upload … anyway you can use imgur (you dont have to register there).

            about the x64 version, run as admin should fix it.
            however, the x64 version is late (need to update…) and misses lots of the latest bug fixes, improvements, etc.

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