Août 062018

Like many drone geeks out there, I own a flysky fs-i6 to pilot my drone racers.

As 6 chanels is a bit short (both sticks will take 4 chans which leaves you with 2 extra channels only), I wanted to flash my remote with a custom firmware.

I decided to use this fw : and/or this one .

Issue is that using my usual usb to serial module, my remote would not be detected.
I check my baud rate (115200), switched rx/tx, but nothing would do.

I suspect that this is down the voltage of my usb serial module (5v versus 3.3v).
I finally decided to use a nano arduino module : i shorted reset to ground, connected rx to rx, tx to tx and voila : remote is detected (when opening port) and I could « program » my remote 🙂

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