Fév 092013

This time lets play with Arduino and a ps2 keyboard.

For the record here comes the ps2 male connectors :


A quick schema :


The sketch :


#define KBD_CLK_PIN  3
#define KBD_DATA_PIN 4

PS2Keyboard keyboard;

void setup ( )

void loop ( )
  if(keyboard.available()) {
    // reading the "extra" bits is optional
    byte   extra = keyboard.read_extra(); // must read extra before reading the character byte
    char c = keyboard.read();
    boolean ctrl = extra & 1;  //  is bit 0
    boolean  alt = extra & 2;  //   is bit 1
    if (ctrl) Serial.print('^');
    if (alt)  Serial.print('_');
    //if      (c==PS2_KC_UP)      Serial.print("up\n");
    //if (c==PS2_KC_DOWN)    Serial.print("down\n");
    //if (c==PS2_KC_BKSP)    Serial.print("backspace\n");
    //if (c==PS2_KC_ESC)   { Serial.print("escape and reset\n"); keyboard.reset(); }
    Serial.print(c);   //lets print last input char to our serial monitor

(the PS2Keyboard library : PS2Keyboard)

A picture (i used female – male proto wires so that I did not have to cut out my ps2 keyboard wire).


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  1. Please help!!!

    « error: no matching function for call to ‘PS2Keyboard::begin(int)' »

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