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Here below the different steps to backup or clone a (physical or logical) disk (hosting any operating system) using WinPE and CloneDisk.

1.Getting tools
First, lets get the needed files and prepare our working folder :
QuickPE and unzip it to x:\quickpe.
CloneDisk and unzip it to x:\quickpe\extra

Now, lets prepare our WinPE iso
Generate your WinPE iso using any of the option that suit you best : use WAIK or ADK or your sytem WinRE or a DVD or an ISO …

At this point, you have an iso file in x:\quickpe\x86 named winxx.iso.
you can either burn it to cd/dvd (easiest path),
« burn » to a usb stick with rufus
or (more complex) boot it thru pxe (using these guides).

This step is needed only if you intend to backup your drive to an image file over a network drive.
Once booted, ensure you have a correct network setup using PeNetwork : click on the info button.
Provided, you have a network connectivity, then map a network drive, still using PeNetwork.



Now, launch clonedisk from x:\extra folder, choose your source drive and either back it up to your network drive or clone your source drive to a new target drive.




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Hi Erwan I have followed you instructions, but I get errors when running any of the following commands (make_pe4.cmd) as (I have MSADK installed), so I tried (make_re_from_dvd.cmd) which also fails. Make_pe4.cmd: « SETTING WINPE PATH » « x64 arch » The system cannot find the file specified. ‘copype’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. . « !!!!!! ERROR OCCURED !!!!!! » . Press any key to continue . . . make_re_from_dvd.cmd: The system cannot find the file specified. getting boot.wim from « D:\\sources\boot.wim » Incorrect function. [ERROR] Can’t open « C:\Quickpe\x86\iso\sources\boot.wim » read-only: No such file or directory ERROR: Exiting with… Lire la suite »