Nov 242013

Another needed feature in games is the ability to display multiple screens : intro, help, main game screen, etc …
For sure we could use one unique screen and redraw the whole thing each time but that would quickly become messy with lots of cases.

Here attached a demo that can be used as a basis.
As always our main module will call the first xna class (clsmain) : standard stuff.

From there we will call the menu screen.
In that screen, you can either call the help screen the game screen.
In these 2 screens, you can always go back to the menu screenpushing F10.


The code to go from one screen to the other is always :

my_screen_name= New class_name(

The source code : xna_demo_01 .
A project template to help starting new projects : XNA_SCREENMANAGER.

A video to illustrate.

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