Fév 082014

Yet another tool (batch) to generate a minimalist winpe iso using the Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (ADK) or Windows Automated Installation Kit .

Uncompress to x:\quickpe and launch make.cmd.
Get winpe iso in x:\quickpe\%processor_architecture% .


    • 0.2
    • -make4.cmd will generate a winpe4.iso (using MS ADK)
    • -make3.cmd will generate a winpe3.iso (using MS WAIK)
    • 0.3
    • -winre.cmd will generate a winre.iso (using local WINRE)
    • 0.4
    • -any files/folders in \pe_extra will be added in the wim file in the \tools folder
    • -winre.cmd renamed to make_re.cmd to be consistent with make_pe3.cmd and mape_pe4.cmd
    • -added setres to the zip file.
    • 0.5
    • -added make_re_from_iso.cmd which will generate a winpe iso based from a windows 7 or 8 iso.
    • -added make_re_from_dvd.cmd which will generate a winpe iso based from a windows 7 or 8 dvd.
    • -added a dpinst GUI so that one can easily load drivers from a driverspack.
    • 0.6
    • -added : compatibility with x64 hosts for winpe4
    • 0.7
    • -added : add-pack3.sample, add-pack4.sample (rename to cmd to add a winpe package in winpe3 or winpe4)
    • -added : _run_me.cmd as a main menu
    • 0.8
    • -added : x64 tinyshell
    • 0.9
    • -modified : reviewed code so that it all works on x64 platforms
    • -added : add-drivers3.sample, add-drivers4.sample (rename to cmd to add a windows drivers in winpe3 or winpe4)

Download/Discuss it here

The batch menu :


A generated Winpe :


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