Mapi to SMTP Proxy Purpose

As it is not always easy to install mapi (exchange or outlook client + a mapi profile + windows account & windows mailbox),

this dll is meant to replace mapi32.dll for debugging purpose or to forward mapi mails to smtp.


Rename mapi2smtp.dll to mapi32.dll.

The dll can either be placed in the application folder or in system32.

Dev Notes

Will work on all windows versions (tested up to windows 2012) and on 32bits or 64bits (use wow64.reg file then).

Only the following apis are implemented :

mapilogon, mapisendmail, mapilogoff, mapilogonEx,MAPIInitialize,MAPIUnInitialize,MAPIFreeBuffer,MAPIAllocateBuffer;

To do : implement mapireadmail and pop3 interface

Registry settings


debug : 1 to log to mapi.log in the calling application folder

smtp : 1 to enable sending mail sent via mapisendmail via smtp

defaultfrom : if from is not specified in mapisendmail, use this as default

smtphost : smtp server to use if smtp=1

Size: 100 Kb

Author: Erwan

Last Released on: -March-2013

 Posted by at 1 h 45 min

  3 Responses to “Mapi2smtp”

  1. Hello Erwan,

    this tools is just what I need. Is it written in C ?

    For an project I would need to make some changes in this program. Is the source available ?


  2. Thank you so much for sharing! It works perfectly!

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