Yet another tool to generate a minimalist winpe iso using the Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (ADK) / Winpe4 or Windows Automated Installation Kit / Winpe3.
The batch also uses wimlib to add extra files within the boot.wim file.

Alternatively, one can also use the Windows Repair Disk or Windows DVD to build a Winpe or a Windows ISO (no need for WAIK or ADK then).
One can also add Winpe packages and/or add Windows drivers and/or customize the Winpe registry

The batch will :
-create a winpe using the copype winpe command from MS ADK or MS WAIK,
-modify boot.wim to add a tinyshell (see screenshot) so that one can launch explorer++cmdtaskmgrpenetwork, or shutdown/reboot,
-create winpe iso (less than 200 MB).

Uncompress to x:\quickpe, stuff your tools (optional) in pe_extra folder, and launch make.cmd.
Get winpe.iso in x:\quickpe\%processor_architecture%.

Future possible evolutions : turn into a GUI, …

Discuss it here
Download it here
Contact me here

Here below a screenshot of a generated WinPE with QuickPE


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  5 Responses to “QuickPE”

  1. What command can get X64 version?
    Make_pe3 and make_pe4 both get X86.
    I’m a newbie in WinPE and PXE..


    • 1,2 or 3 will generate a WINPE X86 on a X86 platform or a WINPE X64 on a X64 platform.

      4,5 will make a X86 WINPE whatever platform you run it (QuickPE) from.

      6,7 will make a X64 WINPE whatever paltform you run it (QuickPE) from.

      • OK! I got it. Thanks a lot.
        Now, I will try « Boot WINPE over PXE on a UEFI computer » again.
        I learned a lot of knowledge about PXE & PE in your blog.

  2. Bonjour,

    Super projet à nouveau.
    Je viens de compiler une version 64 bit.
    Boot UEFI : OK
    Par contre j’ai mis des programmes dedans dont ghost (ghost32.exe), j’ai une erreur : »le sous-système requis pour prendre en charge le type d’image n’est pas présent » qui je pense est normale puisque le PE n’intègre pas l’utilisation d’appli 32 bits, peux-t-on facilement rajouter cette option lors de la compilation du PE afin d’avoir les applis 32 et 64 bits qui fonctionnent.

    Bonne journée

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