Déc 282016

Been a while since last article.

A quick one to post a tool I have been using lately to quickly convert VMDK to raw disks.
Indeed it is sometimes easier/quicker to install an operating system in a virtual environement but afterwards you may want to convert the vmware disk (vmdk) to a raw disk so that you can write it to another physical media (usb, hard drive, etc).

Thanks to libvmdk, a library written by Joachim Metz, it is easy to write a quick graphical frontend that will read a vmdk and write it back to a raw image.

VMDK2RAW can be downloaded here.


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Juil 212014

I recently discovered the work of Joachim Metz.
I first decided to write a delphi wrapper unit around libewf (here) so that I could add EWF support to CloneDisk.

Today, I decided to do the same for Joachim’s libvmdk unit : another delphi wrapper.
The unit is straighforward and is based on the previous libewf one : create the object, open the file, get the size, read and/or write, close…

The delphi unit is here : libvmdk .

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