Oct 062014

My little project this last week end.

I need to add a few rf433 oregon temperature sensors to be linked to my rfxcom + jeedom domotic box.
Unfortunately, these sensors (oregon THGR122N) are about 25€ (or 15€ using a cresta clone), not including shiping costs.

Therefore I decided to do a cheap one myself using :
-an arduino pro mini (2.50€)
-a fs1000a transmitter (1.50€)
-a ds18b20 (1€)

The whole thing uses less than 2ma when sleeping, and max 20ma when it reads temperature from the ds18b20.

Here comes the sketch rf433_sendOOK.
Note that that I am re using code from connectingstuff.net to send oregon 2.1 compatible packets.

Possible evolution would be to replace the arduino pro mini by an ATTINY85.


Here comes the wiring.


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  8 Responses to “Arduino : cheap rf433 temperature sensor (oregon 2.1 compatible)”

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  2. Hello thanks for your DIY, i have made this cheap rf433 temperature sensor , it’s working very good on my Jeedom system,.
    But i have made a second cheap rf433 temperature sensor and i would know how you change the ID in the sketch i suppose the 2 sketch should be different, because the result of my 2 sensor is on the same curve in my domotic system !!
    thanks you for help to modify the second sketch of my arduino pro mini
    best regards

  3. thank you, it’s ok now, i have made 5 cheap rf433 temperature sensors and it’s working all right in my controllers Jeedom with Rfxcom receiver

  4. hello from Toulouse (France). Thank’s for your tuto. It helped me a lot and allowed me to get some remote information in my JEEDOM/RFLINK plugin system

  5. hello from Toulouse To (France).
    Thank’s for your tuto.
    It helped me a lot and allowed me to get some remote information in my JEEDOM/RFLINK.

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