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In a previous article, we have seen how to make a bootable image using Windows API and MS Virtual Disk.

Now, lets do the same but this time we will manipulate bytes in the Drive Master Boot Record and in the Volume Boot Sector with CloneDisk and ImDisk.

1-Create a raw disk image (here test.img=64 MB)



2-Retrieve file size in sectors (here 131072 = (64MB * 1024KB * 1024B) / 512 sectors)



3-Modify partition table : chs end/start=1023/254/63, sectors before=2048, total sectors=129023 (131072-2048-1)



4-Write NT6 mbr



5-Mount disk image (ImDisk auto detect offset=2048, size of disk=129023)



6-Format to NTFS



7-Change Hidden Sectors in Boot Sector  (since it is incorrectly set to 1)


8-Boot (in qemu or virtualbox)



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