Juin 082014

Here below a video illustrating the previous article.

On the proto board, you’ll notice a 74HC595 controlling a ULN2803 plugged to 8 leds.

I use the below array of byte to have the up and down effect

  dataArray[0] = 0xFF; //11111111
  dataArray[1] = 0xFE; //11111110
  dataArray[2] = 0xFC; //11111100
  dataArray[3] = 0xF8; //11111000
  dataArray[4] = 0xF0; //11110000
  dataArray[5] = 0xE0; //11100000
  dataArray[6] = 0xC0; //11000000
  dataArray[7] = 0x80; //10000000
  dataArray[8] = 0x00; //00000000

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