Oct 312017
modified : dns proxy will read entries from config.ini (section=hostname,ident=ip), no more from hosts file
added : right click open config.ini
added : right click open root_path
fixed : share folder will now add everyone read-only on share permissions
added : share is created with STYPE_TEMPORARY flag, i.e will not survive a reboot
added : TPS will answer to specific ‘discovery’ messages (see discover.zip)
fixed : wsMinimized=1 was preventing form_show and load_config
added : each daemon will report on which ip it is listening (useful to troubleshoot)
added : syslogd will read ip under [syslog] in config.ini if one wants to bind to a specific interface (instead of by default)
fixed : error handling in log_memo to avoid a possible date bug
fixed : httpd could not list files/folder in a non indexed folder
modified : ucimp.pas uses winsock, not wsck
modified : iphlpapi_helper.pas uses winsock, not wsck
modified : usnoop uses winsock, not wsck
modified : iptypes uses winsock, not wsck
modified : removed ipheader unit in main form
modified : TPS does not use wsck unit anymore

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Bill Curran

There was previous v1.0.0.21. Why was this re-released without a version change?


it is still unclear. Is it a new version of binary file or not?


10:35:32 ROOT=E:\NetBoot\
10:35:32 goUDP67:EIdSocketError,10038
10:35:32 goUDP4011:EIdSocketError,10038
10:35:32 s:67 started…
10:35:32 DHCPd:4011 started…
10:35:32 TFPTd started…