Nov 162013

Using all previous articles, lets make a (almost complete) car racing game which we will call Vroom V1.

This is a mono screen game (v2 will be multiple screens).
This is a one player game (v2 will multi players).
Gamepad is not yet supported (v2 will).
A score.txt file is generated at the end of each track.

V1 and V2 have 8 tracks (v2 may have more).

A v3 in the future may support network games, extra items on the track, choose controls, choose car colors, choose difficulty, etc.

Controls are easy :
-F1 to start the track.
-up/down to speed up/speed down.
-left/right to turn left/right.
-hitting the side tracks will slow down the speed.

Working but not satisfied : could not use the pixel detection (since car is rotating) and therefore went to color detection.

A next article will review pixel collision with rotation shapes.

Any feedback, suggestions, ideas, remarks welcome 🙂

Binary here : vrooom
If you want the source code, please contact me and I’ll be happy to share.
Remember that you have to install xna runtime.

EDIT : code source here :vroom_v1_src

EDIT : Look at which is an improved version.

Thanks to my son Ewen who was my beta tester (and graphist) on this one 🙂

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AntĂłnio Soares

I’m teatcher and i would like to analyse your code for my students.
Many thanks 🙂