Fév 022014

New CloneDisk 2.0.7 version out.

Download it here.

Discuss it here.

Changelog since 2.0:

  • modified : remove some screens/functions for simplicity and focus
  • added : can backup/restore to/from a wim file (using MS WIMGAPI)
  • added : can mount/unmount a wim file
  • added : get information about an image within the .wim file
  • fixed : support for drives > 2147483647 sectors, now up to 4294967295 sectors
  • fixed : cleaned all pchar to pansichar to prepare a move to unicode (where pchar=pwidechar)
  • removed : madsecurity, preparing for a 64bits version
  • modified : use ms offlinereg for offline registry rather than mounting the hive (less intrusive on the target hive)
  • modified : dropped getlogicaldrives api in favor or querydosdevice
  • added : set symbolic link
  • added : set volume point
  • fixed : will properly catch message from wimgapi
  • added : will check presence of wimgapi
  • added : will exclude files listed in wimscript.ini when capturing to wim
  • added : ability to backup and restore to/from devio (from Imdisk / Olof)
  • modified : regorganised menus into clone, disk and volume categories


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