Mar 102014

For some time I needed a tool to create, attach, detach, etc MS Virtual Disk HardDrives (VHD) from the command line.
Sure I could do it using diskpart or MS VhdMount but I was always lacking this or that…

Therefore, based on CloneDisk source code, I took 5 mns to write vMount.
It uses MS native virtdisk API available with Windows 7 (x86/x64) and up

Command line arguments :

vmount createfixed path_to_vhd size(MB)
vmount createdynamic path_to_vhd size(MB)
vmount createchild path_to_child path_to_parent
vmount attach path_to_vhd [NOLETTER]
vmount attach path_to_iso
vmount detach \\.\PhysicalDriveX
vmount detach path_to_vhd
vmount expand path_to_vhd size(MB)
vmount compact path_to_vhd
vmount merge path_to_child
vmount disks [filter]
vmount partitions [filter]
vmount mount x: \device\harddiskX\partitionX
vmount umount letter
vmount online disk_id
vmount offline disk_id
vmount ro disk_id
vmount rw disk_id
vmount attributes disk_id


Discuss it here.

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  1. System Requirements here missing … XP SP3, XP SP2 x64 isn’t a good help.

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