Mar 112014

In previous article, we have seen how to make a bootable disk image using CloneDisk.

Lets see now how to boot this disk image thru PXE boot with TinyPXE Server.

1-Prepare the the IPXE script
2-Setup TinyPXE Server
3-PXE Boot !

1-Prepare the IPXE script and save it as disk.ipxe

Pretty simple

set boot-url http://${next-server}
initrd ${boot-url}/test.vhd
kernel ${boot-url}/memdisk raw

2-Setup TinyPXE Server

Next to pxesrv.exe, in the same folder, you must have the following files :
-disk.ipxe (see previous item)
-ipxe-undionly.kpxe (in TPS zip file)
-memdisk (in TPS zip file)
-test.vhd (see previous article)

Now set TinyPXE Server as follow


3-PXE boot

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