Mar 232014

This is IpTools Version 2.

Version 1 started in 1999 (initially written in VB6, then rewritten in Delphi).
The developpement was very active at first (the first 6 years).
Then life went busy and the tool did not evolve much apart from bug fixes.
Original page for version 1 is here.

I have decided to give it a second chance, first in rewritting completely the interface which was initially build around a network sniffer.
I also removed all screens which I believe were not related to network matters.
Next step is to review all components used and migrate to Delphi XE 32/64 bits.

The tool is now divided in 6 categories (for now) over 50 screens (!) :
-Microsoft Services

Here below some screenshot which should be self explanatory :







Download it here
Contact me here

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  9 Responses to “IpTools V2”

  1. IPTools forever 🙂

  2. I love the prior version, but I did run into a problem with the download for V2. When I goto extract I it gives me errors and fails on all but the exe file. Can you check your .zip contents. I am running Windows 7 x64 using its native decompression… if that helps you debug this.

    Thank you for the great tools.

  3. Thx for the tool, is quite useful 😀

  4. Small bug. Config.ini can save windows coordinate outside the screen.

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